What’s In The Pregnancy Miracle Book?

This post is set up to give you some idea as to what is in the Pregnancy Miracle book.

I’m going to talk about how the information is organized and get into a bit about holistic treatments for infertility.  I have the impression that most visitors to my site don’t really understand that.  So, I’m going to look at it from the perspective of what does Lisa Olson say about dealing with infertility in her Pregnancy Miracle book.

What Kind of Information Does Lisa Cover?

Pregnancy Miracle Method - I Thought I Was Infertile

The book is well organized and the information is presented in basically 4 different but related categories. The information groups that are covered are:

  • Orientation-Related Information. Discusses what the author hopes that the book will accomplish and how the book is put together.
  • Human Fertility Facts and information As Well As Treatment, Options, Approaches and Techniques. This information covers human anatomy, human fertility and how it actually works, infertility disease and condition specific subjects.

    In addition, the book discusses Chinese Medicine’s approach to human fertility, the body, conditions and treatments. And, it also discusses modern, conventional medicine’s approach to treatments of various fertility related diseases conditions.

  • An Integrated Action Plan. Lisa Olson has developed an easy to understand and execute, 5-step action plan that will help you do everything that a couple needs to do to maximize a their fertility so they can become pregnant with the ultimate objective, of course, of giving birth a healthy, normal
    child… To accomplish their dream of beginning or growing their own biological family.

  • Finally, there is a whole chapter devoted nothing but other considerations and factors such as:

    • Age-Related Problems; the drop in fertility as you or your partner grow older
    • Non-Specific Infertility; also known as unexplained infertility
    • Secondary Infertility; read about my wife’s and my experience with Secondary Infertility
    • Mechanical Infertility
    • Specific Medical Conditions which cause infertility such as PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), fibroids, endometriosis, etc.
    • Cancer and Infertility; how the Pregnancy Miracle Method may be able to help you overcome the consequences of chemotherapy and radiation in your own body
    • Having Your Tubes Tied; also known as Tubal Ligation
    • Ovarian Cysts; not PCOS (see above)
    • and more…

And, there are several appendices which get into important option-related topics like IVF (In Vitro Fertilization), yoga, massage and homeopathic help.

What Are Holistic Infertility Treatments?

Lisa Olson’s Pregnancy Miracle book covers 5 major areas in the holistic treatment of infertile conditions.

  • It helps the mommy-to-be achieve balance, harmony and consistency in her approach to conceiving through a 2-step method of increasing a woman’s fertility… And, the guy’s important role in the preconception and conception processes isn’t ignored, either. Pregnancy Miracle also provides a 4-step plan specifically tailored to deal effectively and decisively with common male infertility issues.
  • It explains and encourages you to make diet, environment and exercise changes that will help your body become as fertile as possible by eliminating nutritional, toxicological and wellness situations that may be interfering with a couple’s capability to conceive.
  • Lisa’s book teaches you how to utilize Chinese medical and nutritional principles to prepare your reproductive and supportive organs for conception and pregnancy by cleansing your body, mind and essential energy/spirit. These are principles that have worked for thousands of years…… And, whether you do or don’t believe in acupuncture, acupressure, herbs and nutritional approaches to health, the fact is that, based upon the testimony of Lisa and thousands of other couples who have successfully used the Pregnancy Miracle Method… It does, in fact Work!
  • The Pregnancy Miracle Method book provides the information necessary to understand not only why you and/or your partner may be finding it difficult to conceive, it also teaches you what BOTH partners can do about it.The book contains well organized tips about how you can balance your cycle phases and specific condition with Chinese herbs and Qi Gong exercises to strengthen your organs and to open your body’s energy/electrical pathways to enhance a couple’s ability to become pregnant with a healthy, normal baby.
  • The book covers internal body cleansing and especially liver detoxification. This is, in my opinion, possibly the most important part of the fertility-enhancement process.Even modern, conventional medical practitioners are finally starting to recognize how important a “pure” body environment is to the elimination of disease processes from the body. Many of the modern diseases have very strong causal components rooted in the pollutants which overwhelm our bodies with poisonous substances which are destroying our health and vitality… Infertility can be a major side-effect of this environment and bodily pollution.

The Pregnancy Miracle 5-Step Action Plan for Curing Infertility

A large section of the book, over 120 pages, is devoted to presenting the Pregnancy Miracle’s “5-Step Plan for Getting Pregnant and Having Healthy Babies.” The action plan is arranged in a traditional Chinese Medicine approach to conception and maintaining the health and fertility of the mother and, as a result, that of the baby in her womb.

Each of the steps in the 5-step plan is well organized and very focused on the Step’s objective.

When appropriate the male partner in the relationship is dealt with. While we as a society often euphemistically refer the “couple getting pregnant,” ultimately, it is the woman, the mother-to-be, that will physically become pregnant and provide sustenance, nurture and support for the precious life growing inside of her.

Because of this, Lisa is very careful to detail exactly what you will need to do to achieve your ultimate objective which is to give birth to your own, normal and healthy biological child.

In her 5-step plan she takes you step-by-step through exactly what to do and how each step contributes to your ultimate objective… Giving birth to a HEALTHY, NORMAL BABY!

Here are just some of the things that you will learn and do in Lisa’s 5-Step Plan”

  • Lisa lays out her 2-Phase process for preparing the mother’s body to be a safe, nurturing environment for her soon-to-be-conceived child.
  • You will learn the 6 things to avoid while you and your partner are trying to become pregnant. The guy has important things that he must avoid, too!
  • Lisa Olson shares her 8 Commandments that every couple using the Pregnancy Miracle Method to become pregnant must do to have the highest possibility of conceiving and successfully carrying their baby to full-term.
  • In her absolutely tremendous discussion of the importance of proper nutrition and correct supplementation, Mrs. Olson identifies the mineral that will help the male partner increase his sperm count in most cases. This substance will help both partners avoid chromosomal abnormalities in their eggs and sperm that can cause birth defects and, in some cases, cause the death of the baby in the mother’s womb.
  • She also identifies another vital substance that you must have if you are going to expect a healthy, normal baby as a results of your efforts. If you and your partner don’t have enough of this substance in your diet, you also may reduce egg and sperm production in addition to risking a major birth defect in your child.
  • Toxins in our diet and environment play an enormously negative role in many diseases that are pandemic in our populations… such as infertility. A major objective of one of the steps in “the Pregnancy Miracle 5-Step Plan” is to help you eliminate as many toxins as possible from your body, your diet and your surroundings. Lisa shares 7 guidelines which, if you adhere to them, will go a long way toward helping you accomplish exactly that.
  • Lisa “deep dives” into many of the approaches and techniques that she recommends. She discusses how and why things like acupuncture, acupressure and traditional Chinese medicinal herbs work and how they can help cleanse as well as balance the body’s reproductive energies.

If you are anything like me, you probably find acupuncture to be gross and disgusting. After reading Lisa’s explanation, though, I have come to appreciate how and why it is so effective.

Do you have a problem with acupuncture? Here’s a thought that I had about it after I read Lisa’s teaching on the subject:

“It might help to think of acupuncture as anti-oxidant supplements “on steroids.” Antioxidants supply missing electrons to free radicals to neutralize them so they don’t “run around your body” stealing electrons from molecules and atoms in cells that your body needs to function properly. According to Lisa Olson, acupuncture adjusts the electrons in the body’s pathways so that they are helpful and not hurtful… Which is what antioxidants ultimately do.”

Lisa Olson has an official site where you can find out more about The Pregnancy Miracle. You’ll hear what Lisa has to say about her highly successful approach to infertility treatment. Just click the book cover below to find out more:

Pregnancy Miracle Book plus Bonuses