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Help Getting Pregnant May Be Just What the Doctor Ordered!

Help Getting Pregnant May Be Just What the Doctor Ordered!


I’m glad you stopped by… And, I expect, that you’re here because you and your spouse really want to get pregnant, but it hasn’t been going so well. If you are actually searching for the Official Pregnancy Miracle Website just click here!

Maybe you’re very frustrated, feeling hopeless, or maybe you are just plain ready to give up and not try to fulfill your dream of having a baby anymore.

Trying to get pregnant can be a terribly depressing and anguishing problem if it isn’t happening.  But, even though that is happening to you, I want you to know that you are not without hope!

And, before you read any further, I want to assure you that I’ve checked out what’s available to help you with that problem, and, a little later on, I’m going to share what I think is the best solution I’ve come across in my research to help you begin your family!

Is There A Safe, Natural Yet Effective Way To Conceive If You Need Help Getting Pregnant?


In fact, there is a natural solution just like that!

And, its a solution that won’t cost thousands upon thousands of dollars like many of the medical profession’s standard approaches to infertility. It’s a solution that is safe, natural and effective and it has a track record second to none!

It’s called the “Pregnancy Miracle™” and it has well over 100,000 testimonials to its credit.

Testimonials written by women who most likely took a chance and went against their fertility doctor’s condemnatory diagnosis and did what they needed to do to find out the truth concerning their enduring hope of one day having a biological child from their own body.

Loving Parents with NewbornTestimonials from families that were written off by the conventional medical establishment as very unlikely to have biological children or as being hopelessly infertile.

If you are among those couples with less than perfect fertility that this solution will work for, you will be so thankful that you continued reading because the reported success rate just “screams,” like I hope you will, “it worked!,” “It Worked!,” “IT WORKED!!!” …

… Without spending a fortune, risking their health or sanity on “iffy” and/or dangerous medical procedures. Or, …

… Without destroying their relationship due to the tension and stress that can well up and explode as you try unsuccessfully year after year to conceive and give birth to a healthy, normal baby.

Before I go any further, please permit me to share what my wife and I have learned about infertility as a result of our attempts to have our youngest son. But first, let me start at the beginning…

How I Learned that Hopelessness Is Not Always Permanent

I actually grew up in an orphanage in a major Pennsylvania city. I spent 10 years there… from 8 to 18… want to talk about hopeless? It was like I imagine being in a prison is like.

Yes, I understand hopelessness.

But, the best was yet to come…

… Very early I demonstrated a strong aptitude for science. After I graduated from the orphanage’s high school I went on to college. Four years later, I graduated from a prestigious Midwestern college with a bachelor’s degree in biology.

I turned down medical school when it was offered, so I never actually became a physician even though I have leanings in that direction.

I never bothered with graduate school and progressed up the corporate ladder and became company president by the time I was 33 years old.

After college, I worked for a “Big Pharma” drug company where I was involved in bringing world-class drugs to market… So, I know how to spot something that will work!

And, finally, I have spent the last 20 years or so, in the supplementation industry helping people, many just like yourself, accomplish their goals in life by showing them how they can help their body by giving it what it needs most, the building blocks of a vibrant, healthy life… and that includes having children.

With a background like that, helping couples achieve their heart’s desire… giving birth to a strong, healthy baby, is a natural fit. It’s like “hand in glove,” as they say.

But, I have more to share so here’s the rest of the story…


Can You Have A Baby Even If You Are Diagnosed As “Infertile?”

… When my wife and I finally decided to have our 1st child,

It really was easy for us to conceive… We didn’t have any problem at all getting pregnant with our oldest son.

About a month or two later, my wife’s doctor confirmed what we already suspected… that we were expecting and the rest is history!

empty baby bootiesOur second pregnancy, about 4 years later, wasn’t so easy… it wasn’t the stroll in the park that the first one had been.… Getting pregnant was a real problem this time… We tried and tried with no success.

And, when my wife finally discovered she was carrying our second child, it quickly became obvious that something was wrong. She began spotting frequently and a few weeks later we lost our baby at just about the 3 months mark.

Our 3nd pregnancy finally gave us our youngest son. It was a full 5-1/2 years after our oldest son was born that we welcomed our youngest into the world.

Unfortunately, in spite of the emotional roller coaster that we had gone through to have our youngest son, we didn’t yet understand just how hard it can be physically for some couples to conceive or the emotional destitution that many seemingly infertile couples go through as they try again and again to have a baby…

… We had some difficulty getting pregnant with our youngest son. But, to be honest, we never lost hope or the expectation that we would triumph… that we would prevail and that our second child would be born healthy and normal just like our first had been!

We had no idea that we were experiencing what is now called secondary infertility. And, given that condition, we didn’t know that the odds of having another child were not particularly promising without professional medical assistance.

Looking at what my wife and I went through it was nothing compared to what many who are reading this have probably endured…

We Began To Realize Just How Much It Hurt to Not Be Able To Get Pregnant

Then years passed and my wife and I grew older… wiser.

As the years came and went, my wife and I started to mature as human beings. We became less focused upon ourselves and we began to realize that many, many couples just could not get pregnant, no matter how hard they tried or how carefully they followed the rules.

We began to understand the heartache and anguish that those couples are forced to live with as their dream of a family with their own children begins to slowly fade into the far distant past.

Sometimes they adopt. Sometimes they just go on, give up and become “Uncle Al” or “Aunt Pat” to the children they know, all the while silently grieving inside at the lost hopes and dreams of their family that never was.

When couples finally give up trying to conceive without help, they typically seek out conventional medical options. Based upon what I’ve discovered in my research, I think that should be absolutely the last option, rather than the first, that they consider.

Conventional medicine may have some answers, but, in my opinion, the risk/reward ratio just plain isn’t there… especially if you are getting older.

Conventional Medicine May Have Some Answers… Or, Does It?

Conventional medical options like fertility drugs (which increases ovulation rates) and IVF (In Vitro Fertilization; where “mechanically havested” eggs, generally released as a result of fertility drug use, are fertilized in a container which contains the eggs in a supportive liquid medium by mechanically introducing “harvested” sperm from the donor; the fertilized eggs are then implanted into the uterus of the mother) are the major “go to” options for childless couples.

Depending upon which of the standard medical infertility treatment options (and there are others that I haven’t mentioned) that you may be looking at trying, please, just recognize that they can actually be dangerous to you or your baby, can be quite painful, stressful and sometimes, excruciatingly expensive…

… Not to mention a rapidly declining success rate with age. Even though you are younger and think that conventional medicine may be an answer to your prayers, think again!

While fertility drugs can work well if you are among the group of women that they will actually help, studies have found that they are often inappropriately prescribed. Misprescribed drugs can, of course, be extremely dangerous or unsafe. I believe that inappropriate use can cause or significantly contribute to a myriad of problems and may be a major contributory factor to the problems that I’m discussing here.

Want to know more about fertility drugs? If you do I have a post that talks about fertility drugs and some of their problems.

When couples fail to get pregnant on fertility drugs, they will usually move on to IVF treatments.

Exactly what is IVF or “In Vitro Fertilization?

IVF or “in vitro fertilization” is a medical procedure in which human eggs, harvested from either the female partner of the couple trying to conceive or a donor, will be fertilized in a sterile container with sperm from the male partner or a sperm donor. The fertilized egg or eggs is/are then put into the female partner’s uterus and hopefully the couple is now pregnant.

Patient undergoing egg retrieval procedure in theatre

Patient undergoing egg retrieval procedure in theatre

Very occasionally, if the mother has antibody issues or a caustic or acidic PH or genetics/some other factor (for instance an earlier hysterectomy) that won’t allow for the successful implantation of a fertilized egg in her uterus, a gestational surrogate mother may become involved who will carry the baby… hopefully to term.

I’ve now studied IVF and other fertilization methods somewhat extensively.  Looking at the process with my biologist eyes, it surprises me that there are so many couples who are willing to risk the process when there are good, safe alternatives to the medical processes.

I think risking ovarian cancer or serious birth defects for your child is foolish… no matter what the odds!  That is what you do when you submit yourself to fertility drugs and IVF and related medical procedures.  Just because they are pushed by the medical establishment, it doesn’t mean these procedures are safe, effective and the right approach to overcoming a stumbling block in your heart-yearning to have your own children.

And that doesn’t even begin talk about the expense associated with a procedure that even at best produces a live birth less than 50% of the time.  And, to make it worse, after 35 years of age, the success rate actually plummets until it’s about 1 live birth in 10 IVF procedures by the time you are 43 years old.

Check out my full article about IVF by clicking here to find out more.

But, what most conventional medical fertility specialists won’t tell you is that there are alternative therapies to the conventional medical approach which do not have the dangers to the mother and the fetus that the conventional medical infertility treatments carry…

… And, get this… Some Complementary and Alternative Medicine infertility treatment studies show 60 percent or more success rates 🙂

Medical Infertility Treatments Are Not the Only Option

yay we are pregnant
I’ve been researching what is actually available to help apparently infertile couples get pregnant. And, because, as I mentioned in “My Story,” I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and have quite a bit of related, real-world experience, I know how to do research correctly and, more importantly, I actually understand and can explain what I discover about subjects like infertility, treatment protocols and the like.

To jump ahead to the end of process, I found that there is a product that I like. It is called “Pregnancy Miracle.” It has great reviews and claims a very high success rate helping women get pregnant who have not been able to conceive. And, to make it even better, the product has been on the market since 2009 which means that it has passed the “test of time.”

Lisa’s Story

Lisa had the same sort of problem as maybe you and your spouse have… She couldn’t get pregnant. She and her husband had no identifiable medical, genetic or physiological problems, but they just could not get pregnant.

Finally, the medical establishment decided that Lisa would never have a child of her own and labeled her a victim of “non-specific infertility.” Which meant that the medical establishment wrote her off.

But, Lisa had a dream and that dream was to have children. She wouldn’t accept the pronouncement of her fertility physicians. She couldn’t believe that she was never going to fulfill that innermost craving, that emptiness that many women who are destined to be mothers have until they finally give birth to a baby of their own.

Fortunately, for Lisa as well as everyone reading this article, Lisa is a professional dietitian. So, she had the educational, scientific and research/organizational skills necessary to begin researching to find a solution to her own problem. And she was successful… Very successful.

Here’s the Rest of Lisa Olson’s Story

After several years of research Lisa developed a scientifically integrated approach to her infertility problem which helped her body overcome many of the issues associated with being not able to get pregnant. Her approach includes things like natural rhythms, nutrition, and diet changes to help with the removal of the toxic chemicals in her own body that were blocking her from ever getting pregnant.

And now because of the program that she developed… she has 2 beautiful, healthy children which were born in her 40s… The first, a baby girl was born when Lisa was 43 years old and the second, a boy was born when she was 45.

They were children that the medical community said could never be. In fact, it worked so well that she now shares what she discovered and guarantees that you will get pregnant in two months or less.

Here’s What You Can Do To Get the Word Out

Check out her story. It’s contained in the video on her website called “”… If after you watch her video, you decide to try her program, you are protected by her 60-day 100% money-back guarantee which is managed by ClickBank, the largest company of its kind in the world, so you have nothing to lose and your surprisingly small investment in your family’s future is completely protected.

Then, help us get the word out to similarly frustrated and disappointed friends of yours. Let them know that there IS hope and help for childless couples who deeply desire to have their own children. Send an email to all the couples you know who are struggling to get pregnant. Tell them about Lisa’s website and send them here to I believe that they will bless you for your concern and love!

But, if you aren’t quite ready to watch her video or send that e-mail, then go ahead and read my “Pregnancy Miracle Review” article here on “” by <clicking here>. It will be available in the next day or two.