Pregnancy Miracle Review Quality Ratings

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As I mentioned in my Pregnancy Miracle Review article, I own a copy of the current version of Lisa’s book. Because of that, I was able to review the entire book that a customer will buy at this time (February, 2015).

This article contains the detail for how and why I rated the product as I did.

As I review this product, I evaluated it based upon several, hopefully objective points that I believe will be important to most people. The points that I gave quality ratings on are as follows:

  • Will It Work? – I searched for and found actual testimonials of people who had used the Pregnancy Miracle Product (not just marketers who were selling it). I used that information to determine if the products claims about what is does were accurate.
  • Is The Information Accurate? – As I reviewed Lisa Olson’s book, I evaluated the book for the scientific and medical technology accuracy of the information contained in the book.

  • How Easy Is the Information To Understand? – I carefully considered how easy it would be for the reader to understand the material.

  • How Easy Is The Material To Use? – I determined how easy it would be to apply the material to what I consider to be the average reader’s situation.

  • Are The Bonuses Appropriate? – I evaluated the bonuses that are given away with the product’s purchase for appropriateness.

  • How Good Is The Customer Service? – While I only had one customer service interaction, I rated it and explained why I rated it as I did.

  • Is The Price Of The Product Appropriate? And, finally, I considered the pricing of the book and whether I believe it to be appropriately priced based upon my knowledge of the cost of comparative products.

Here are the summary discussions in areas that resulted from my evaluation.

Will The Pregnancy Miracle Work For Most People?

What I found actually surprised me.

With my biological education and work experience in a major pharmaceutical firm where I worked as a team member for just under 5 years with the MDs and MD/Ph.Ds who were conducting clinical trials of drugs, devices and food products to obtain FDA approval, I was initally skeptical as to the accuracy of the claims that the product worked as promised.

But, what I found was that, according to the testimonials that I reviewed, the method works and has helped  thousands of couples become pregnant and give birth to normal, healthy babies.

I did, however, find 2 negative reviews… One was by an acupuncturist in California, who not only didn’t have her facts correct about the product which meant to me that she didn’t own the product and another individual who, if memory serves me, was a competitor. Because of those facts, I discounted their statements.

Rating 5 stars 5-star-rating 179x41

Are the Book’s Facts Accurate?

I found it to be extremely accurate in its presentation of the facts. As a Biologist, I didn’t see any factual errors in the Anatomy, Physiology or conventional medical and related information. While I am not a physician, because of my education and work experience I am quite familiar with medical information related to both male and female reproductive and associated enzymatic and hormonal systems as well as the anatomy/physiology of the human body and feel comfortable rating the product for the quality of that information.

I saw no blatant errors other than one typo and a missing chart (Basal Body Temperature) which is used to pinpoint the time of ovulation.

Because of my background, I am familiar with many of the concepts but not the details of what Lisa is presenting relative to the Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) information. The Traditional Chinese Medicine portions of the Pregnancy Miracle book seem consistent and correct but I must reserve judgement on their accuracy.

However, I put significant assumption of accuracy of that information based upon Lisa Olson’s Pregnancy Miracle system as a result of the written testimonials she has received.

Also, this product may help most couples become pregnant faster than they might have without the product… Even if the couple is not infertile. It is the nature of the product to help the individuals who wish to conceive and give birth to a normal, healthy baby, to correct situations in their body, environment and timing that would hinder conception.

Rating 5 stars 5-star-rating 179x41 but only on the Anatomy, Physiology or Medical and related information.

Ease of Understanding of the Material

When trying to look at the information from the reader’s perspective (rather than that of a reviewer with a strong medically-oriented scientific background) and taking into account the low average scientific knowledge of most American and European individuals, it is my conclusion that while the book is extremely well organized, portions of the information will be too difficult for most people with only a secondary education (High School graduate in the U.S.).

Plus, most “Western Civilization” people have little or no familiarity with Chinese Medicine or its Medical/Philosophical Traditions.  And, because of that lack of familiarity, will find it difficult to understand how it all ties together in the Traditional Chinese Medical System. Plus, they will have a hard time learning the facts as they relate to the Traditional Chinese Medical view of the human body and how it works.

Rating: 3.5 Stars 3.5-star-rating

Ease of Use of the Material

The information in this book is extremely well organized.  Lisa’s 5-Step Plan is definitely useable and should be able to be followed by most individuals in the Western World. Because of the difficulty for most western culture persons to understand some of the material, I am reducing the rating for this item by 1 and 1/2 stars. However, because of the free-consulting bonus discussed below, I am returning 1 star to the rating for a net reduction of 1/2 star.

Rating: 4.5 Stars4.5-star-rating

Appropriateness of the Bonuses

I think that the bonuses are quite appropriate for the objective of the product. And, I believe that the free consulting with Lisa Olson is outstanding and that most customers who have questions will discover it to be most beneficial. This will be especially important in the “Ease of Use of the Material” item above.

Rating 5 stars 5-star-rating 179x41

Customer Service Responsiveness & Quality

I had one contact with Customer Service. My request was reviewed and dealt with in less than 24 hours.  A lot of the time, especially with lower priced products, customer service is quite “thin,” and that’s being generous. The response that I reseived was fast, satisfactory and appropriate.

Rating 5 stars 5-star-rating 179x41

Appropriate Pricing

It is my belief that the price of this product is very reasonable. Most people who are seeking information on this product have literally spent $10,000 USD or more on conventional medical infertility treatments which failed. They obviously didn’t get a healthy, normal baby. Or, perhaps you are considering trying Lisa’s approach BEFORE you spend thousands for conventional medical infertility treatments.

Rating 5 stars 5-star-rating 179x41

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