Not Getting Pregnant… Can Pregnancy Miracle Help?

Are you and your partner trying to become pregnant but, no matter how hard you try, you can’t conceive?

If you find that you can’t seem to “make a baby” you are not alone.

Studies have shown that 12% to 15% of couples who want to become pregnant fail in their attempt to conceive and give birth to a normal, healthy baby. Eventually, they are written off by the conventional medical establishment as having some type of infertility and are forgotten.

Pregnancy Miracle with 3 Ultrasound Pictures

This Could Be You If You Use Pregnancy Miracle

That is basically what happened to Lisa Olson. Lisa and her husband were declared as being victims of “non-specific” infertility.

But Lisa wasn’t willing to give up and, after 10 years of research and trying she and her husband became the proud parents of 2 children, a boy and a girl, when she was 43 and 45 years old. What they did to do that became the Pregnancy Miracle™.

Getting pregnant is one of the most natural things that happens on this planet. When a couple finally decides to get pregnant, they just naturally assume that there won’t be any difficulty at all. Sadly, that isn’t always the way things turn out.

So many things can get in the way!

Things like careers, enjoying and getting to know each other and establishing a solid, stable home where they can build their family.

Is Your Biological Clock Ticking?


Biological Clock Ticking

Tick, Tock…Tick, Tock…Tick…

Today, rather than having their 1st child a year or two after they get married or begin living together,many couples are waiting 5, 10 or even as long as 15 or more years before they settle down and seriously begin trying to have children.

Because of that, as each passing year ticks by on their biological clocks, couples find that it becomes harder and harder to get pregnant.”

Just some of the reasons are genetics, their age, the cumulative effect of the toxicity of our environment and the life-long lack of true, comprehensive nutritional value in the foods that we are eating.

But, even more significant than all those things… and this is a biggie…

… Many couples don’t really understand what they need to do to get pregnant. If you and your partner are here, reading this, you probably are beginning to realize that there is more involved than just having sex.

And, that is what I’ll be talking about in this article.

Can You Actually Understand Infertility Without Living It?

My wife and I actually went through some of what many couples, maybe you and your partner, have been through.

In our case, it was secondary infertility.  This fertility problem happens after you have had one or more biological children.  Suddenly, it seems to become impossible to have a baby.

The Mayo Clinic says this about secondary infertility:

Feb 28, 2014 – Secondary infertility is the inability to get pregnant despite frequent, unprotected sex — for at least a year in women under age 35 or six months in women age 35 and older — by a couple who have previously had a pregnancy. Secondary infertility shares many of the same causes of primary infertility.

Sometimes it’s caused by stress.  Sometimes its caused by adhesions, blockages and other things related to endometriosis. 

Sometimes, it’s none of the above, but it’s almost always emotionally painful, draining and frustrating.  In our case it was probably all of the above.

Because of what we lived through, we can identify, on at least some level, with the pain and heartache that you and your partner may be experiencing as you try unsuccessfully, year after year, to have your own, biological child. I doubt that what my wife and I experienced even comes close to what you’ve had to put up with…

… We didn’t have any trouble having our first child but the second was another story entirely.

It took us close to 5 years and a miscarriage to finally get pregnant with our youngest son. It was not easy this time.  It didn’t matter how often we made love or how much we wanted to have another child, the result was always the same… We could not get pregnant, successfully.

In our case, though, our quest had a happy ending… my wife finally became pregnant, naturally, with our second child in spite of some significant physical problems which had developed as we grew older… we both still smoked, my wife had fibroids in her uterus, adhesions and our diets were totally out of control (we later found out that my wife was also a victim of celiac disease which has infertility as one of about 300 known symptoms/side-effects). In fact, as I am reading this it amazes me that she was able to carry a baby to term.

I probably have a fairly decent perspective when I say “it amazes me” because I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from a major U.S. College, worked for “Big Pharma” for a few weeks short to 5 years in clinical testing (we did OB/GYN drugs and products like birth control pills and IUDs) and computers and have been involved in the “Nutraceutical” Industry for just short of 10 years…

Although I’m not a physician I worked with them for the whole time that I was employed by the “Big Pharma” company… I suspect that I know what I’m talking about.

Does Modern Medicine Actually Have a Safe, Effective Solution?

I believe that it’s unfortunate that when couples finally realize that they are having difficulty becoming pregnant, they typically turn to supposedly “Modern Medicine” seeking solutions. It’s understandable because they don’t know any different.

Typical Modern Medical Solution to Infertility

What Could Possibly Go Wrong… Nothing, Right?

But, what they find are potentially dangerous medications and techniques… Medications and techniques which can be harmful both to mother and to child.

Most people don’t know this but there are actually studies published/conducted by reputable, medical organizations like the U.S. Government’s CDC and well respected medical journals like the New England Journal of Medicine which have shown that there are very real, significant dangers… often life threatening dangers, which can occur when trying to get pregnant using conventional, medically sanctioned infertility treatments.

And, to make it even worse, these medically sanctioned fertility programs are tremendously expensive!

Sometimes the cost of becoming pregnant using conventional medical approaches is as much as a year’s income for some couples that are having trouble conceiving their first child. Conventional medicine’s treatments for infertility

Are There Alternatives to Conventional Medical Fertility Solutions?

Many couples are pleasantly surprised to discover natural, safe methods that can actually help them become pregnant without risking ovarian cancer or severe birth defects.

Natural remedies for infertility which actually work because they depend upon their body’s God-given ability to “work as designed” when the right materials and environmental conditions are present. Safe, effective NATURAL methods which are really quite inexpensive; especially when compared to the cost of becoming pregnant using conventional medical technologies.

pregnancy miracle - happy result

Could This Be YOUR Happy Result from Natural Infertility Remedies?

Probably the best-known solution to becoming pregnant naturally has been available for years… It’s safe, natural, and inexpensive. It’s called “The Pregnancy Miracle™.”

Exactly what is Pregnancy Miracle?

Ever since its introduction Pregnancy Miracle has become the most popular and effective “getting pregnant naturally” self-help method available in the world today.

There’s a very good reason for this…

… It works, it’s fast, it’s safe and it’s guaranteed.

The program’s developer and the Pregnancy Miracle Company founder, Lisa Olson, guarantees that if you do not become pregnant within 60 days of the time that you buy the program, you will get your money back. In fact she wants to give you your money back if her Pregnancy Miracle™ method does not work as promised for you!

Does Pregnancy Miracle Work for Both Men and Women?

The Pregnancy Miracle method is designed to deal with both female as well as male fertility issues… It really doesn’t matter why you can’t get pregnant. The program is structured to help as many people as possible… Safely… Naturally… Quickly… Become pregnant and fulfill their dream of having a family of their own.

Because of that, both partners must participate in the program… Working together in love… to accomplish their mutual dream of beginning their family with a safe, natural, inexpensive method of becoming pregnant. This approach to becoming pregnant builds upon the foundation of correct diet and beneficial lifestyle changes.

And, I truly believe that the changes to your diet and lifestyle are totally insignificant when compared to the massive disruption and expense associated with traditional, modern medical approaches to helping you and your partner become pregnant.

What Led Lisa Olson to Develop the Pregnancy Miracle Method?

Lisa began researching alternatives to conventional medical approaches to treating her infertility because modern medicine wrote Lisa off. After years of trying, the American medical community washed its hands of Lisa and her deep desire to have a child of her own and labeled her as a victim of “nonspecific infertility.”

Pregnancy Miracle with 3 Ultrasound Pictures

Could This Be You?

But Lisa, who is an professional nutritionist, believed there must be a “better way.”

Lisa began researching and studying the human body and alternative methods of becoming pregnant.

After several years of thoroughly reviewing and digesting naturopathic and holistic approaches to becoming pregnant, she knew, without a doubt, that she was on to something.

And that something was what became “The Pregnancy Miracle” method of conceiving.

But Lisa didn’t just turn around and start selling her discovery.

She actually took what she knew, applied it to her and her husband’s lives and became pregnant for the first time at the age of 43… A fact which gives every couple who is having difficulty becoming pregnant, true, tangible hope that they can become pregnant, like Lisa did… safely… naturally… inexpensively.

Finally, after years and years of trying,  when she was 43, she gave birth to her first baby… A strong, healthy daughter.

And then, as if to somehow thumb her nose at all those doctors who labeled her as having “nonspecific infertility,” she did it again. And, two short years later, she again gave birth to a strong, healthy child… this time a son.

In doing that, Lisa proved, at least to herself, that she had discovered the true key to helping herself and literally thousands of others become pregnant in spite of what conventional medical authorities would say. She had successfully developed a holistic, natural approach to becoming pregnant, based upon ancient Chinese medical principles… Successful medical principles which have been around and working effectively for many thousands of years.

She put into practice exactly what Hippocrates was talking about in the medical oath which all doctors have been historically purported to take… “I will apply dietetic measures for the benefit of the sick…; I will keep them from harm…” (Classical version quoted from Which, loosely translated, says “Let your food be your medicine” and “… do no harm.”

If you’re sitting there reading this, you may be saying to yourself “It worked for her… But, will it truly work for me?”

Instead of me answering that, here’s what real people who have actually used “The Pregnancy Miracle™” are saying about it…

What Are Real People Who Have Used Pregnancy Miracle Saying?

As I roamed around the Internet, I found that just about everybody who commented on Pregnancy Miracle had only good things to say.

However, I did find two that were negative about the product… One was a competitor (go figure?) and the other was an Acupuncturist who seemed to have an “ax to grind.” Her facts about Pregnancy Miracle were often wrong or incomplete. I have NOT included either of their comments here. I expect that you can find them too!

But, the thing that really got my attention was what the women who had actually used Pregnancy Miracle, some of whom have already given birth to healthy, strong and smart babies… are consistently saying.

And, they are saying that “it worked for me!” Here’s what 3 of them said:

pregnancy miracle book testimonial 1
pregnancy miracle book testimonial 2
pregnancy miracle book testimonial 3

You can’t ignore success…

… And, there is an absolutely major question you need to ask yourself at this point.

Who are you going to believe?

A doctor who has a tremendously large financial interest in you doing what he or she tells you to do?

A doctor who hopes you will ignore the many studies which have proven beyond a reasonable doubt how dangerous and unreliable the standard, so-called “fertility treatments” are?

These are large, sometimes multi-year studies conducted and/or reported by major, credible medical/research institutions like the U.S. Government’s CDC, the New England Journal of Medicine and many other scientific organizations with no vested interest except a professional need to discover the truth.

These studies have consistently shown that the result of the medical community’s standard approach to fertility treatments have a significant increase in the occurrence of ovarian cancer for the mother and of horrible, sometimes fatal birth defects in the child.

And, don’t get me started talking about the financial burden your fertility specialist wants you to take on.

Or, are you going to believe the more that 137,000 women, who all have testimonies similar to the 3 above, who ignored what the so-called “Fertility Specialists” told them from their “ivory tower” exam rooms or offices?

Couples who bought and used Lisa Olson’s program and who now have healthy, normal babies with NO increased risk of ovarian cancer, NO increased risk of drug- or technique-induced birth defects and NO gigantic medical bills…

Who are you going to believe?

Personally, I don’t know why anyone would see a medical fertility specialist as the “first go to” when they can’t get pregnant. That just doesn’t make sense to me… I wouldn’t let them anywhere near my wife… for any reason.

Is There Anything Else You Should Know about Pregnancy Miracle?

Personally, I think that it’s really important that every couple that is considering trying “The Pregnancy Miracle” understand what a major thing Lisa Olson has done in developing this product.

To put it in a nutshell, Lisa spent years reviewing a tremendous amount of information on a variety of topics related to fertility and infertility and non-medically “approved” protocols. Then. she digested all that information and formulated a plan that conventional medical establishment doctors would have rejected or at best, “pooh-poohed.”

My Pregnancy Test is PositiveBut then, she proved in her own life that her approach to becoming pregnant actually works. She didn’t prove it just once… She did it twice!

And she did it, in spite of the fact that conventional medical wisdom said that she could never, ever, conceive and have a baby.

Lisa used common sense, the actual facts about supplementation, Chinese medicine and related medical techniques which have been developed over the course of thousands of years, and a deep understanding of how her body actually works and what was probably causing her infertility.

She took everything she learned from her research and what she learned in her own personal experience.  She integrated all that into a program which will help your body and the body of your partner overcome…

… Overcome the limitations placed upon it by your modern diet, your stress-filled, possibly self-destructive lifestyle and the toxicity of our modern beverages, lack of real nutrition in our food and our polluted environment.

“The Pregnancy Miracle™” program is designed to work for anybody who is having difficulty becoming pregnant. And the way it does that is by removing the things from the body… Toxic chemicals, poisons, and other toxins/allergens that are stopping couples from becoming pregnant and replacing them with good, solid nutrition and healthy living that your body can use to help you conceive.

The true genius of Lisa Olson’s approach is that rather than solving your problem by treating symptoms (which seems to be the standard modern medical approach to almost everything in this day and age except trauma medicine) is to remove roadblocks in your body and environment and to provide your body with what it needs to help you become pregnant… Truly Genius!

Will Pregnancy Miracle Really Work For Me?

“The Pregnancy Miracle” comes with a full 60-day, money-back guarantee. If you don’t get pregnant, within 60 days of when you by your copy of “The Pregnancy Miracle,” all you need to do is request a refund from the Administrator of that guarantee, which is and you will get your money back as soon as possible! I have used ClickBank for many years, personally, and I have never had any problem getting my money back through them… Ever!

The really neat thing about “The Pregnancy Miracle™” program is that it doesn’t matter whether you have a physical problem with ovulation, adhesions in your fallopian tubes or with your partner’s sperm,  Lisa’s program, because of its very nature, will address that. During my research, I saw one headline which actually said that over 137,000 women have successfully used “The Pregnancy Miracle™” method…

… All without needing to submit to dangerous fertility drugs, complex egg harvesting techniques, or painful and expensive medical procedures.

Join the thousands of others who have tried Lisa Olson’s “The Pregnancy Miracle™” program by clicking here to learn more about Lisa’s story and how you can safely, naturally become pregnant without relying upon dangerous and often ineffective conventional medical procedures!

You owe it to your dream and your partner to find out more by clicking here!