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How To Get Pregnant Fast – Why Infertility Solutions Can Help!


How To Get Pregnant Fast – Why Fertility Solutions Can Help!



When Will It Happen?

Sometimes, people who come to my pages wonder why we can offer a 60-day money back guarantee to people who have actually been diagnosed as infertile by conventional medical doctors… Especially if their question really is “how to get pregnant fast?”

You may not believe or like the answer but the truth is that much of infertility is caused by things that are simply out of kilter in your body! And yes there are people whose infertility is totally irreversible and if they happen to buy any of our products, and they don’t work, they can ask for their money back and it will be cheerfully refunded.

But, you may be asking “Hey Al how can you say that… you’re not even a physician?”

I may not be a physician but I am a graduate biologist with a 4-year degree and a few days shy of five years of experience working with the doctors and other professionals in the clinical testing department of a major pharmaceutical firm. Plus, I have 20 years or so of experience working with the supplementation industry. The truth about me is that I’ve got experience finding my way around the human body and I know how it works.

Before I go any further, here’s a disclaimer –

I am not a physician. Nothing in this presentation is intended to diagnose, recommend a course of treatment or to supply a prognosis for any condition or disease.

The information contained in this article/video is provided solely for educational and/or entertainment purposes.

If you wish to obtain information specific to your situation, condition or disease, please see an appropriate, duly licensed and qualified physician.

The 5 Infertility Categories

Just as a quick review, there are 5 general categories of things that can interfere with the fertility of a man or woman. They are:

  • A mechanical issue – Mechanical issues deal with organ or tissue structure problems in the body. Some of these problems can be corrected surgically. And, after correction, your body may begin to work well enough that you may become pregnant,. Ask your personal physician whether you might be a candidate for a surgical procedure that will correct your underlying fertility issue(s).

  • A genetic issue – the genes in each cell in your body contain a blueprint as to how your body is built and how it will work. Abnormalities in the genetic area range from trivial through severe and life-threatening, if not fatal. Some of the issues are not correctable and some are easily correctable by what I talk about on my website. Again, check with your physician.
  • An environmental issue – very often our bodies are damaged by toxins and other pollutants in the world around us. Some of the damage is permanent cannot be reversed. However, some of it is reversible simply by the elimination of the environmental problem/contaminant.
  • Nutritional issues – our bodies get the things that it needs to work correctly through the food we eat and the liquids we drink. So, it follows that if all of the things that our body needs to function properly are not present in our diet, our bodies will probably not work properly. Sometimes, identifying and supplying a missing part of the fertility equation by adding the missing component to our diet, will permit an infertile individual to become pregnant.
  • Behavioral Issues – behavioral issues deal with things like the timing of sex, a stress filled lifestyle, and many other things such as lack of adequate exercise, use of recreational or “hard” drugs and many other factors can all contribute to someone’s inability to get pregnant.

Sadly, some people have problems in more than one category in addition to having more than one issue in any given category.

As you can see from the above list there are some things that simple changes in our behavior, diet or environment will correct. But, before you send me hate mail please recognize that many of the things I listed above are extremely difficult if not impossible to correct.

I’d like to just chat briefly about each of these five areas.

Mechanical Issues

As I mentioned in the summary above, mechanical issues can sometimes be corrected surgically.

When I say that, I don’t mean replacements of organs that are missing or malformed and the like. Theoretically, something like that may work through a transplantation process but it is unlikely to ever happen.

What I mean are surgically correctable things like adhesions or minor blockages caused by accidents or minor structural abnormalities such is a varicocele (causes low sperm production) is a man. However, whatever your mechanical issue is, please discuss it with your personal physician.

Genetic Issues

Genetic issues in many respects are similar to mechanical issues some are trivial and can be corrected by either behavioral modification, environmental changes or improvements/corrections to your diet. The reasons that can happen are way beyond what this article is intended to cover.

However, there are in fact genetic issues which cannot be corrected… Period.

Again, if you have questions about genetic issues that you must deal with, please discuss your situation with your physician.

Environmental Issues

Environmental issues can sometimes be dealt with quite adequately by changes in your behavior which result in the avoidance of the toxins or other pollutants which may be in your daily environment.

Sometimes it does require flushing the toxins are pollutants from your body through a special process called a “cleanse.” A cleanse can be dangerous or fatal if done improperly. Discuss anything like that with you physician before you attempt doing it.

Often, it is necessary to dispose of certain cleaning products or other materials from your home or your work environment. In other situations, you may need to avoid foods that are contaminated with heavy metals such as those in ocean-caught fish or other pollutants which may be interfering with your body’s reproductive processes.

As a general rule, it can sometimes help to identify the pollutant or pollutants that are interfering with your body’s reproductive process. That way you can take specific action against that material. You will need to see your personal physician to do that.

Nutritional Issues

Very often, people think that “fertility improvement products” are all about nutritional issues. I need to emphasize to you right now that that is not true!

Correcting nutritional shortcomings can be of major benefit when you are dealing with infertility problems. However, this is only true if the cause of your infertility is lack of proper nutrition or a component of your overall infertility situation is nutritional in nature.

That said, it is very important to recognize that timing as well as raw material availability is necessary for your overall fertility to work properly. So, if there is something missing that your body needs to cause your reproductive process to work properly… It’s not going to work properly.

As a result, a woman may never become pregnant… No matter how many times she has sex.

Behavioral Issues

Other than uncorrectable mechanical problems or genetic issues, behavioral issues are perhaps the most difficult to deal with. Behavioral issues can be as simple as this time sex or is difficult as a drug addiction or possibly worse. But, they have probably been doing whatever the issue is long enough that it is now a habit.

However, the good news is, that once you change your behavior, you will probably be able to become pregnant quickly.

I can’t guarantee that all the time. But, that frequently happens and leads directly to my next topic which is why do fertility solutions such as Lisa Olson’s Pregnancy Miracle™ or My Pregnancy Now™ from Jenny Carson, work so well?

Why Do Unconventional Fertility Solutions Work So Well?

I believe that the main reason that unconventional fertility solutions such as those I’ve mentioned above work so well is because they correct problems in your body that are interfering with your reproductive process. Often, the “broken processes” are not even on the conventional medicine physician’s radar.

Frankly, the solution that they present is a usually a “shotgun-type” approach to solving your fertility problems.

These products guide you through a process that corrects many of the frequently encountered problems in the final three areas I’ve discussed above. Mechanical problems and genetic issues may or may not be correctable. That is also true for permanent damage from the other three infertility categories of discussed above.

However, by correcting anything and everything that could go wrong even if it’s not really the cause of your problem has a very high probability of correcting your specific problem, if it is correctable, by their solution.

Remember, your body is “optimized” for reproduction. And, because of that, as soon as you correct an underlying problem (or problems, as the case may be) it may immediately begin functioning well enough to permit you to conceive during your next reproductive cycle after correction which, in most couples, is 28 to 32 days long.

This is why these unconventional fertility solutions seem to work so fast and so well.

Good luck!