How Does Pregnancy Miracle Help You Get Pregnant?


How Does Pregnancy Miracle Help You Get Pregnant?

Loving Parents with NewbornThere are many reasons and causes for infertility. Often it’s not just one ”thing” that is responsible for a couple’s infertility. I believe that the Pregnancy Miracle system is so successful because it addresses a variety of different problems that may be causing a given individual’s fertility issue(s).

Probably the best way to explain why Pregnancy Miracle can help you get pregnant if you are not able to conceive naturally (or using fertility drugs, IVF or other ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) approaches, for that matter) is to begin by talking about what causes infertility.


What Causes Infertility?

When you get right down to it, infertility is caused by only one or some combination of 5 things:

  • A mechanical problem – Mechanical problems are the result of malformations of or disruptions to the various organs and/or tissues in a person’s body.
  • A genetic problem of some sort – Ultimately, the human body is built by and controlled by the genes in the nucleus of each cell in your body.
  • Environmental issues – Both in your body as well as external to your body, such as in your home or an area in which you spend or have spent time. Your body must be free of toxins and chemical pollutants in order to work at peak efficiency.
  • Nutritional issues – Nutrition is one of the leading causes of infertility, second only to toxins and pollutants. If your body does not have the nutritional building blocks that it needs to perform its various functions such as conception and the development of a healthy, normal baby, you’re going to have any of a wide variety of problems.
  • Behavioral Issues – Believe it or not, a cause of infertility is a couple having too much sex. And, the timing of sexual activity is crucial in the reproductive cycle. Things like a stress-filled lifestyle and frequent arguments are disruptive to conception as well as the nurturing of the baby in the mother’s womb.

If you wish to find out more about any of the causes of infertility, just click the title of that entry in the above list.

Now that I’ve explained the causes of infertility, I’d like to talk about why the Pregnancy Miracle method can help so many childless couples achieve their dream of becoming pregnant and giving birth to a healthy, normal baby… in spite of what their fertility specialist may have told them.


How Does Pregnancy Miracle Help You Get Pregnant?

Before I go any further in discussing how Pregnancy Miracle can help you get pregnant, I need to emphasize that there are many causes of infertility. While Pregnancy Miracle has a superior track record in helping infertile couples conceive and give birth to normal, healthy babies, IT IS NOT PERFECT!

Now, I’m going to look at each of the four areas listed above that will cause you to be infertile and share what I think about how or why pregnancy miracle can help you get pregnant.

While I am not a physician, I do hold a bachelor’s degree in biology, and I have almost 5 years of applicable pharmaceutical industry experience, as well as almost 20 years of supplementation industry related experience.

Is Infertility a Cumulative Problem?

Infertility and not being able to carry a baby to full term can sometimes be caused by multiple factors. And, when that happens, those factors may be “cumulative” in nature.

If the reason(s) you can’t get pregnant or you can’t carry a baby to full term because of your infertility or previous poor pregnancy outcome is in fact cumulative, then it follows that as you successively eliminate contributing factors, you may eventually get to the point where enough impediments to becoming pregnant or carrying a baby to term have been eliminated, that you can, in fact, conceive and give birth to a healthy, normal baby!

Are Mechanical Problems The End of the Line?


Mechanical Infertility Isn’t Always the End of the Line

Many couples, when they are diagnosed with what’s called “Mechanical Infertility,” assume that it’s the end of the line for their hopes and dreams of having their own biological family.

But, is it?

Actually, some mechanical infertility related problems are correctable surgically using conventional medical surgical techniques.

There are some conditions which an individual may be born with which are in fact surgically correctable. However, some mechanical conditions are not correctable surgically and it is necessary to resort to ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology). Fertility drugs are a type of ART, when you get right down to it. IVF relies heavily on fertility drugs. Sometimes mechanical problems are so severe that donor sperm, donor eggs or even surrogate mothers may be required for a couple to raise their own child without adopting.

A condition which affects males deals with the size of the veins in the man’s scrotum. This condition causes the temperature in the testes to be too high which in turn kills or damages the sperm to the point where they are incapable of fertilizing the egg. This is a problem that is both genetic as well as mechanical. It’s caused by genetics but manifests itself as a mechanical issue.

Once the problem is surgically corrected, it may be possible for the male partner to produce viable sperm. However, in some cases the viability of the sperm will never recover. Check with your personal physician, if you have this condition.

Other problems which may not be “congenital” (present from birth), such as blockages caused by vasectomies, tubal ligations (tied Fallopian tubes), adhesions or other blockages caused by diseases such as endometriosis. These types of problems are sometimes reversible surgically. Again, see your personal physician to find out more.

Sometimes, it may be possible to recover from minor mechanical problems which may prevent passage of the sperm or egg due to associated inflammation and attendant swelling.

A Note about Inflammation and Swelling

Among the more recent findings of conventional medical science is that inflammation is the cause or a major contributory factor in many of our chronic and even fatal conditions such as cancer or heart disease. Normally, the function of inflammation and swelling is to provide recovery enhancing or life-saving response to various problems that might occur in the body, such as what might be caused by trauma or disease.

A number of things happen when and are why inflammation occurs. Normally those things are beneficial to the body. However, when they continue in a chronic fashion for months and years, it is usually not a good thing.

I believe that one reason Pregnancy Miracle works so well is because it seems to help your body deal more effectively with both inflammation and swelling. Quite often, inflammation and swelling are associated with the mechanical problems which result from trauma, disease and genetic issue expression.

So, if you or your partner are a victim of mechanical infertility, Pregnancy Miracle may prove to be effective in your situation. It works fast, is safe and is quite inexpensive… Especially when compared to the conventional medical alternatives which often cost in multiples of $10,000 or so.

One final note about mechanical problems… Technically, having sex at the wrong time, can be considered a “mechanical” problem of sorts. The Pregnancy Miracle guide will help you discover when to have sex so that you will have the best chance of the sperm and egg getting together to give you a beautiful, healthy and normal baby!

Are Genetic Problems Impossible to Overcome?

An Infertile Couple Gets the Bad News

Even If The Doctor Says It Is Hopeless… You May Not Be!

Sometimes, I expect, genetics may be blamed for a person’s infertility when that isn’t the whole story… it isn’t a “black and white” situation and because of that, it may be possible to improve the possibility that a given “infertile” couple may be able to conceive and produce a healthy, normal biological child of their own.

Here are my thoughts about what you may do about various genetic-related situations. I am not a physician and you should discuss the information I am presenting in this article with your physician to find out if and how it may apply to you and/or your partner and your situation.

Genetic Issues Manifested As Mechanical Problems

As I just mentioned, many times genetic problems will manifest themselves as mechanical issues. And some of these mechanical problems can be successfully corrected surgically using conventional medical techniques.

The Pregnancy Miracle method can sometimes help your body function better in the reproductive arena after the surgical correction of genetically caused mechanical problems.

Also, if the mechanical problem caused by the genetics of a person is truly minor, the Pregnancy Miracle book will teach you how to help your body to operate at peak efficiency which may make it possible for your fertility cycle to work in spite of the genetic issue.

Biochemical Problems Created by Genetic Errors

Likewise, genetic errors (issues) which manifest themselves in the body’s biochemistry may or may not be correctable. Some of these issues can be dealt with using Assisted Reproductive Technology from the conventional medical world. Contact your fertility specialist to find out for sure.

If the genetically caused biochemical issue is causing a substance required for the correct functioning of your fertility process to be malformed or missing, it may be appropriate to supply the missing or malformed chemical to your body by supplementation. But, you need to recognize two things if you consider using the Pregnancy Miracle approach to do this.

First, much that happens in the fertility cycle is highly timing dependent. This means that if the substance is present at the wrong time, as it probably would be in a supplementation situation, the wrong thing may happen at the wrong time and so the process you are supplementing for will “misfire” and won’t work as necessary for the fertility problem to be corrected.

Second, if there is malformed chemistry occurring in the infertile person’s body, the addition of a foreign substance that is not naturally occurring in the body may disrupt the chemical balances of the processes that are occurring naturally and effectively become a poison to that person’s body and produce grave consequences that are unpredictable and possibly very harmful.

If you feel that it is appropriate to try Pregnancy Miracle to “see if it will work” and this is your situation, I strongly recommend that you do so only with your physician’s approval and supervision.

Human Body Energy/Electrical Issues

And, finally, genetic issues may cause problems with the electrical processes in your body. When this happens, organs in your body may not work properly. Things like nerves, your brain or other organs which rely on electrical energy for their correct functioning may not work properly.

The Pregnancy Miracle method utilizes acupuncture and acupressure to deal with the body’s energy pathways and relationships. This gets into Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) approaches to malfunctions in the human body. These approaches are reputed to have been used successfully for thousands of years and Lisa Olson recommends them highly in her book.

This is a delicate and controversial area and I recommend medical approval and supervision by a medically qualified physician who is familiar with your condition and related prognosis before you use the Pregnancy Miracle method to deal with your infertility if that infertility is caused by genetic issues.

My rule of thumb for determining whether a holistic approach will work comes down to the nature of the genetic problem’s expression.

My Thoughts on Pregnancy Miracle and Genetic Issues

If there are no gross, surgically uncorrected blockages or structural malformations resulting from the genetic anomaly (error) and if all the necessary organs are present and positioned properly and the biochemistry and related hormonal/enzymatic production is okay AND all electrical activity is normal, it may be possible for a couple with genetic-based infertility to overcome their fertility-related problems using the information contained in the Pregnancy Miracle book.

If this is your situation, please seek the approval of an appropriately qualified physician and use the Pregnancy Miracle system only with that physician’s approval and medical supervision. Genetic problems express themselves in a person’s body in unobvious and highly interdependent ways. You must be extremely careful that in attempting to fix your infertility that you do not create a worse problem.

Pregnancy Miracle is safe and usually quite effective if used by a genetically normal individual who is having difficulty conceiving or carrying a baby successfully… However, someone who is suffering from genetic problems is not normal. If you have genetic issues seek competent medical advice, approval and supervision, as appropriate for your situation.

Can Infertility Due to Pollutants and Toxins Be Corrected?

This is an enormous subject is probably one of if not the major contributing factors to infertility in our specie today. The atmosphere, the ground and the water around us are literally poisoning us and destroying the viability of our race.

Dangerous Pollutants and Toxins Are Everywhere!

Dangerous Pollutants and Toxins Are Everywhere!

The chemicals we use in our homes contain poisons and toxins which can seriously compromise the human body’s ability not only to survive, but to repair itself. The food we eat is deficient in nutrients and it is covered in many cases with fertilizers and pesticides which literally destroy our immune system components such as our gut bacteria.

Our domestically grown fish and meats are estrogen and other hormonal and antibiotic pollutant laced. Even wild fish have biologically disastrous levels of heavy metals, carcinogens and other dangerous chemicals which pollute our waters.

Our water supplies and oceans and lakes are full of chemical pollutants, disease laden waste products, trash, and who knows what else.

The air we breathe is laced with industrial byproducts, smoke, radioactivity and other pollutants such as tobacco smoke, fumes from industrial chemicals, cleaning products and who knows what else.

Fortunately, God made the human body with tremendous resiliency. And even though many of these pollutants and toxins become a part of our body and in many cases cause diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and infertility, it is still possible for us to cleanse our bodies through a process known as detoxification and to avoid additional contamination by avoiding exposure to industrial chemical pollutants and heavy metals, filtering our air and water and eating only safe, organically grown foodstuffs.

The Pregnancy Miracle book contains information which will explain step-by-step how you can clean up your body and the environment around you. Watch as Lisa Olson describes how her step-by-step Pregnancy Miracle process may be what you need to do to reverse or cure your infertility.

One thing that I greatly appreciate about Lisa Olson’s approach to curing infertility is that she takes the reader by the hand and explains in step-by-step fashion what must be done to accomplish the objective of each step in her Pregnancy Miracle process.

Can We Replace the Missing Nutrition In Our Foods?

Not only is the food we buy in stores, restaurants and even roadside vegetable stands contaminated with fertilizers, insecticides and GMOs, it is woefully lacking in basic nutritional substances, vitamins and minerals. It is a well-known fact that the foods that we eat are not supplying the basic nutrients that we need to maintain a healthy, vibrant body.

After a century or more of applying the big three fertilizer elements… potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen… almost exclusively to our farming soils, the farmlands of the United States of America and other “bread basket” regions around the world are worked out. They are exhausted of micro minerals, organic matter and other things that are necessary for our well-being.

Our meats are full of estrogens (cause cancer and mess with fertility), antibiotics (kills the healthy, beneficial bacteria in our intestines and cause us to develop antibiotic resistant colonies of bacteria in our bodies). The fish from our oceans and inland seas, streams and lakes are contaminated with heavy metals, radioactivity and poisonous industrial chemicals.

And, don’t get me started about fast-foods and GMOs.

Does all this list of problems with our food supply make you feel hopeless? If it doesn’t, it should because the problems are very real, getting worse and affect each and every one of us.

The only hope any of us have against the onslaught of our increasingly toxic environment and “empty” nutrition foods is to take action. To take that action you need good, solid information about how you can eliminate that threat to your health and fertility.

Lisa Olson’s Pregnancy Miracle book will explain in detail how you can approach the issues in your food supply which may be affecting you or your partner’s fertility and health. You can watch and listen to Lisa explain how her book and bonuses will help you deal with nutritional issues using her safe, effective holistic method to cure your infertility.

Fortunately, there is a new wave rising in the medical world called Naturopathic Medicine which is a result of patients with incurable diseases like cancer and conditions like infertility discovering that the empty, outdated and sometimes extremely dangerous approaches of conventional medicine to overwhelming, sometimes life threatening problems don’t work very well. But, holistic and naturopathic solutions to some absolutely major medical issues are having tremendous success.

Do You Want a Baby Bad Enough to Change Your Behavior?

In the “What Causes Infertility” section of this article, I talked about somethings that can cause you to be infertile. Easy stuff like “too much sex” and “mistimed sex” which are pretty easy to deal with for most people. Stress is a bit harder because there is usually a serious control issue of some sort related to the stress generators. Lisa’s book deals with those types of issues and explains exactly what you will need to do in those areas.

Also, there are other behavioral issues such as cigarette smoking and other tobacco use, overeating and related obesity, drug use, intense arguments, lack of exercise or excessive exercise and the like which may all contribute to infertility conditions in some individuals. For the most part, they are all under your control.

Because they are under your control you have the choice as to what you want to do about them. Unfortunately, they are the result of either or both of obsessive behaviors or lack of will power. And, the things that I’ve listed either pollute your body, create inflammatory conditions or create stress… All of which or any of which or some combination thereof may contribute to your difficulty getting pregnant.

And, being a former cigarette smoker of many years, I understand how hard it can be to change things like I’ve listed. I’m not going to lecture you. I’m sure you’ve heard it all before from media, family and friends. You know those behaviors are hurting you and probably causing you to not be able to conceive.

So it’s up to you!

Ultimately, it comes down to “how bad do you want it?”

Do you want a baby bad enough to give up the things that are probably contribution to your lack of fertility by causing you to be infertile?

If you do, Lisa Olson’s Pregnancy Miracle book will explain what is involved and how to go about eliminating those things from your life. You can watch and listen to Lisa as she explains how the Pregnancy Miracle method can help you conceive and give birth to a healthy, normal baby.

So, What is My Net Answer to The Question “How Does Pregnancy Miracle Help You Get Pregnant?”

In a nutshell the Pregnancy Miracle book and bonuses will show you why you may not be getting pregnant, explain how you can change your body to eliminate the things which are blocking your attempts to become pregnant and give you sound advice about what you can do to help your body carry your own, biological baby to term.

And yes, Lisa’s Pregnancy Miracle method works and she has her own, personal success and the written testimonials from thousands of satisfied users of her system to demonstrate that her approach to curing your infertility may actually work… In spite of what your conventional medical physician has told you.

Lisa Olson is one of the researchers that has led the way in dealing with infertility using alternative medical approaches. She has testimonies from over 3,700 women/couples who have successfully become pregnant safely and naturally and given birth to healthy, normal children using the Pregnancy Miracle method that she and her husband developed over 10 years ago.

Just click on the book cover below to read my comprehensive review of the Pregnancy Miracle Product and to watch her video and listen to Lisa explain how you may be able to duplicate her fertility success and give birth to you and your partner’s own healthy, normal biological child.

Hang in there… I suspect that your family may be about to start growing 🙂

Pregnancy Miracle Book plus Bonuses

Click The Book Cover To Find Out How You May Be Able To Conceive like 3,700 Plus Other Woman Have!


Why Am I Not Getting Pregnant?


Why Am I Not Getting Pregnant?

When everything is working right, most couples can expect to become pregnant anywhere from the first time they have sex through a year and a half or even two years after they began trying to have a child of their own.

If you are asking yourself, “Why am I not getting pregnant?” and it hasn’t been at least one year since you began trying, it may be too soon to expect the result you are hoping for!
why am i not getting pregnant - the desired result of pregnancy miracle
However, if you are worried about not being able to get pregnant, no matter how long you have been trying, doing what I talk about in this article will help you, too!

I know that may not be what you want to hear, but it’s the truth. However, if you truly believe that you should’ve gotten pregnant by now, I’m going to talk about what you can do “naturally” to provide an easy assist to the process.

But first, I’m going to review some of the common reasons that couples have difficulty becoming pregnant. And, I need to point out, that you need to know why you can’t become pregnant… if at all possible. This is something that conventional medicine can do quite well. However…

Are Conventional Medical Solutions to Infertility Dangerous?

I’ll be quite honest with you, most couples who are having difficulty getting pregnant consider conventional medicine to be the primary go-to when dealing with their situation. I strongly disagree with that approach, based upon scientific studies which have been conducted on conventional medical responses to infertility.

Self-Injection of Fertility Drugs at HomeThe fact of the matter is that those studies have repeatedly demonstrated that conventional medicine’s fertility treatments have an increased risk of ovarian cancer in the mother and/or birth defects in the child. I realize that a woman with ovarian cancer, if she’s vigilant and catches it early, has a decent chance of surviving the disease.

But what about your baby?

Is having your dream child really worth possibly condemning your child to a life of horrible deformity or crippling birth defects?

Please remember that that’s what the conventional medical establishment would recommend that you do.

Is the Fox In the Hen House?

Most couples who are using medically recommended solutions to infertility (generally fertility drugs and/or IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)) don’t realize how much money is spent in the infertility industry each year.  The annual spend for conventional fertility treatments in the United States alone was reported to be approximately $2 billion dollars.

And I guarantee you that the money your fertility doctor is going to make off you is much more than a minor consideration.Female Partner Paying For Fertility Treatments

According to one study reported by About Health, the average cost of an IVF procedure, including expenses, was between $10,000 and $15,000. If the procedure is not successful, another study reported in About Health said that the average cost of an additional IVF Cycle was $6,955.

And, it’s generally not covered by insurance.  However, About Health also reports that while most fertility clinics and doctors will not take insurance, some insurance policies may cover at least part of the expense, so read your medical insurance policy carefully.

The fox is in the hen house and your fertility specialist, to be quite frank about it, is the fox.

Now, I know that many people would say, “Oh come on, let’s be reasonable. It’s not that much worse than the statistics for individuals who just become pregnant normally.”

What does “worse” mean?

I’ve spent quite a bit of time evaluating and reviewing study results information about the role of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) such as IVF in birth defects. I found quite a bit of contradictory information which ran the gambit from there is no increase in live birth – birth defects due to ARTs through one study that reported a bit over 8% incidence of birth defects in a studied population.

However, the most reasonable figure that struck me as valid was that there is an increase of approximately 30% in the rate of birth defects due to ARTs over the birth defect rate of a population of natural live births.

That means that if there are 4 babies born with birth defects in a group of live births which had no infertility treatments, there would be slightly more than 5 babies born with birth defects in a corresponding population of live births produced as a result of ARTs such as IVF. Here’s a link to my article about Fertility drugs and infertility.

Many people might say “that’s not too bad.”  Statistically speaking, some might even say that they’d be right.

But, what if one of the additional deformed babies is your child?  What if the horribly deformed, profoundly retarded baby is your baby… You won’t think it’s “not too bad” anymore… you will think  that it’s horrendously bad and you will have to live with your decision for the rest of your life.

What Makes You Not Able to Get Pregnant?

Causes of Female InfertilityI’m going to spend some time here talking a bit about the different reasons couples can’t conceive. Approximately 10% of the couples who want to get pregnant are unable to so.

It’s largely irrelevant which partner is creating the situation.

Sometimes, both partners have infertility problems. So, I’m going to talk about both female and male causes of not being able to have a baby.

Reasons Females Have Difficulty Getting Pregnant.

Female infertility appears to be a significant factor in approximately 45% of couples who can’t get pregnant.


The major cause of female infertility is a medical condition called endometriosis. It occurs in roughly 30% of the infertility cases.

Endometriosis is a condition where the same type of tissue which lines the inside of the uterus grows outside of the uterus in the abdomen of the woman with the condition. Frequently, these growths occur in the region of the fallopian tubes and ovaries.

The exact cause of endometriosis is not clearly understood. Medical researchers and physicians suspect that it is caused by menstrual fluids which “leak” into the abdomen instead of being normally discharged during a woman’s monthly period. In the case of women who develop endometriosis, the thinking is that the discharge “backs up” into the fallopian tubes and then migrates to other regions of the abdominal cavity causing adhesions, blockages and fibroid tumors.

Most people don’t realize it, but in the region of the ovaries, the fallopian tubes are more like a channel than a tube per se. And because of that, they are somewhat open to the abdominal cavity. Thus, it is not tremendously difficult for something passing from an ovary into the fallopian tube to end up in the wrong place. As a side note: this is why a pregnancy outside of the uterus in the abdominal cavity (called an ectopic pregnancy) can occur but it is usually caused by blockages and adhesions resulting from endometriosis or violent trauma to the region of an ovary or a tube which causes a structural malformation.

The two major treatments for endometriosis are surgery and hormonal therapies.

Surgery can be quite effective in removing misplaced tissue growths which can cause blockages and other abnormalities such as adhesions. The misplaced tissue frequently will occur in the fallopian tubes and in the area of the ovaries but it does sometimes “migrate” away from that region and grow in the abdominal cavity.

Natural treatments can also be used when dealing with endometriosis. Natural approaches, using holistic methods, have been reported as being quite successful.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

Technically, this is an ovulation problem. However, the incidence of PCOS in our population is high enough that it needs to be dealt with separately.

PCOS is caused by hormonal imbalance. This imbalance results in the development of many small cysts in the ovaries, instead of the growth and release of mature eggs for fertilization.

Natural, holistic methods seem to have a dramatic effect when the cause of infertility may be the result of prolonged nutritional deficiencies. One of the well-known side effects of nutritional deficiencies is hormonal imbalance which is the cause of PCOS.

Ovulation Problems

Ovulation problems are conditions which interfere with the normal release of mature eggs from a woman’s ovaries. The causes of these conditions are primarily hormonal in nature. However, they may be a side effect of abnormal tissue growth due to endometriosis.

Treatment options using conventional medical approaches are primarily fertility drug or IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) related.

Ovulation problems will generally respond to holistic methods. However, if the cause of this problem is sterility (i.e. the female partner has no eggs, or there is a mechanical problem in the external layers of the ovary which will not permit the release of eggs), natural methods will probably not be effective.

Fortunately, most ovulation problems are hormonal in nature, and consequently will frequently respond to natural, holistic methods.

Poor/Bad Egg Quality

Another cause of infertility in women is bad egg quality. A certain percentage of women will have either physical damage to the ovaries due to trauma, which causes either no eggs or abnormal eggs to be released, or who have genetic issues which cause the development of a fetus that can’t live.

Another cause of poor egg quality is age. The probability of a woman becoming pregnant after the age of 35 decreases rapidly, no matter what technique is used.

Studies and related literature report that after the age of 35, the probable ability of experiencing a live birth, utilizing IVF or other conventional medical procedures reduces at the rate of approximately 6% for each passing year.

By the time the woman reaches the age of 42, she has a less than 15% likelihood of ever becoming pregnant… Even using conventional medical treatments like fertility drugs combined with IVF.

Please note that different authorities report slightly different statistics. But, the bottom line is that the older you are, the more difficult you will find it to become pregnant… no matter what approach you use!

Bad egg quality is an area where natural approaches to fertility begin to excel… Especially when the poor egg quality is clearly caused by the age of the female partner.

However, age is not the only factor which may cause the development and release of nonviable eggs.

Other factors which seem to be clearly implicated in the area of bad egg production are nutritional and environmental toxicity issues.

Correction of nutritional deficiencies have been reported to produce dramatic, miracle pregnancies.

Some speculate that poor egg quality may be a major cause of nonspecific-infertility.

In my opinion, anecdotal experience has suggested that nutritional deficiencies are frequently the cause of nonspecific infertility. What that means is that it may be possible to increase viability of the female partner’s eggs by correcting her diet.

Other Causes of Female Infertility

Some other causes of female infertility are:

Antroverted Uterus – the uterus leans forward in such a fashion that a crease forms above the cervix effectively blocking the sperm from moving into and through the uterus and entering the fallopian tubes where the mother’s egg will be fertilized. A normal uterus will be slightly antroverted 75% of the time.

Overly Thick Cervical Mucus – the mucus in the region of the cervix is too thick to thin properly to allow passage of sperm into the uterus from the vagina during the fertile period in a woman’s monthly cycle.

Blockages to the Fallopian Tubes – blockages may be the result of endometriosis, sexually transmitted diseases such as Chlamydia, tied tubes (tubal ligation), pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) and many other causes.

Mechanical difficulties, depending on the kind, may or may not respond well to natural solutions to other female infertility issues.

Non-Specific Infertility – Sometimes medical science doesn’t know why you can’t get pregnant. When that happens, doctors label you with this diagnosis if you and your partner have no detectible reason for not being able to get pregnant. Basically they are writing you off as being hopelessly unable to become pregnant.

Are Males Ever the Cause of a Couple’s Infertility?

Male Infertility CausesThere are a number of reasons why men can be the cause of a couple not being able to get pregnant. The male partner has infertility issues approximately 30% of the time.

The main causes of male infertility are:

Anti-Sperm Antibodies

Some men have antibodies that kill their own sperm. This condition can be caused by any number of things such as infection or trauma (vasectomy, testicular torsion where the testicles become twisted inside the scrotal sac, or an accident which permanently damages the testicles).

Natural fertility methods may be effective but, if they are, it will usually be combined with conventional surgical solutions. See your physician for advice and recommendations! Once any damage has been repaired, then natural methods may help your body heal itself so that you and your partner can get pregnant.


Occasionally, there are blockages that occur in the tract between testicles where sperm is made and stored and the end of the penis where the sperm in its semen carrier (seminal fluid) leaves the man’s body and enters the woman’s vagina. These blockages may be caused by a vasectomy, genetic problems which cause badly formed tubes/structures in the tract to develop, tumors or physical damage due to accidents.

This is another problem that you will need to see a licensed physician about before you proceed. As I understand it, blockages will generally require surgical intervention before any attempt is made to get pregnant naturally when a blockage is involved.

Scrotum Temperature Issues

There is a condition called varicocele in which the veins in the scrotum are too large. When a man has this condition, the extra blood in the veins tends to increase the temperature in the testicles. That in turn kills or damages the sperm to the point that they are not able to fertilize the egg.

While this is a physical structure issue, Mayo Clinic indicates that sometimes this condition is surgically correctable. I seriously doubt whether Pregnancy Miracle Program will be effective if you have this condition.  But, if conventional medicine can deal with your condition surgically, there is a good chance that natural methods such as are taught in “The Pregnancy Miracle” will prove to be effective.

Sperm Quality Issues

Sperm quality issues will make it difficult, if not impossible, for a man’s sperm to find and fertilize an egg.

The major sperm quality issues are:

  • Weak or under active sperm – When the male partner has this problem, his sperm are not strong enough to move from the vagina, through the cervix, cross the uterus and find the egg. The female partner’s egg is usually fertilized in the fallopian tube. This problem is called sperm motility or mobility by doctors.The man’s sperm will be tested to determine which of the motility groups his sperm belongs to.
  • Low sperm counts – The man’s testicles do not produce enough sperm to cause a pregnancy. Or, because of blockages, vasectomies, improperly reversed vasectomies or genetic/previous disease-related factors, the male partner is unable to place enough sperm into his partner’s vagina that at least one sperm can survive the arduous journey through the woman’s reproductive tract, encounter the egg and fertilize it.
  • Misshapen sperm – If the male partner’s sperm have improperly shaped heads it may not be able to penetrate the egg if they can actually find it. Also, poor tail structure or shape will cause motility problems (see above) that make it impossible for sperm to get close enough to the egg to fertilize it before it becomes nonviable (can no longer be fertilized).

Natural methods have been shown to work well with at least some of these issues. I suggest that you check out Lisa Olson’s Pregnancy Miracle Product before you make any decisions.

Unknown Fertility Issues

Sometimes a couple will not be able to get pregnant, no matter how frequently they have sex or how carefully they time their sexual activities to the woman’s natural rhythm. When this happens, it may be caused by the man or the woman or both.

This is usually referred to as “non-specific infertility.” Conventional medical treatments are ineffective in these cases.

Usually, when you have been categorized as having “non-specific infertility,” conventional medicine is writing you off.

Lisa Olson’s book, Pregnancy Miracle, talks about what she and her husband did to overcome their “non-specific infertility” diagnosis. You can check out what she says about it before you buy by clicking here…


A Natural Solution to Infertility

Since Lisa Olson’s Pregnancy Miracle program was introduced almost a decade ago, at least 137,000 couples have become pregnant using the program she pioneered. These were couples many of whom, if not most,  were completely written off by the conventional medical industry which formally declared that they couldn’t have children.

And, Lisa was the “band leader,” so to speak. She was her method’s first success story. Lisa finally became pregnant in her early 40s after many, many years of trying. Finally, even though her fertility doctor “Officially” declared that she would never have a child of her own, Lisa gave birth to not just one, but two healthy babies, a boy and a girl, while in her early- and mid-40s.

I’ve reviewed her product and actually own a copy of her book and, in spite of the fact that it’s almost 300 pages long, I’ve read it from cover to cover. You can check out my review of her book here at WeJustGottaGetPregnant.com. Or, you can “cut to the chase” and watch Lisa’s informative, non-technical video where she tells you all about her product and explains how you can join the thousands of success stories reported by couples who became pregnant using her method.

Just click the book cover below to find out how you and your spouse can join the more than 137,000 other couples who were able to have a normal, healthy baby thru Lisa Olson’s Pregnancy Miracle Program.

Pregnancy Miracle Book plus Bonuses

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