Al 091407 cHi, my name’s Al. I own this site and write all of the articles on WeJustGottaGetPregnant.com.

Here’s what you may want to know about my background and experience as you read the articles here.

First, my wife and I have personally dealt with infertility, just like some of you may be experiencing. While we didn’t go the infertility drug or ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) route, it took us 5 years to have our second child.

We tried and tried, had one miscarriage and finally after 5 years, we gave birth to a healthy, baby boy, our second son. So it turned out okay but it was frustrating and a hard time in our lives… so we can empathizes with what you may be going through.

We had what is now known as “Secondary Infertility.” Which is a condition where you have already had at least one successful pregnancy and live birth but are unable or you are having difficulty doing it again successfully.

Second, I have been educated and trained to deal with reproductive issues. And, I think that I am pretty good at it. Hopefully, you will agree after your have read some of my articles and considered what I talk about.

While I am not a physician, I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from a major mid-western U.S. college and I have 5 years of full-time employment experience working on Human Drug- and Product-related Clinical Trials being conducted by a major, world-class pharmaceutical company’s clinical testing department.

The purposes of those clinical trials was to determine if the drugs and products our company discovered/invented were safe for humans to use and to figure out if they actually worked the way they were supposed to work on humans.

In that job, I was frequently called upon to work with various professionals and doctors (MDs and MD/Ph.Ds) in the pharmaceutical company’s Clinical Testing Department where we specialized in analyzing and evaluating human response to and obtaining FDA approval for various female-related products such as birth control pills and an IUD (Intra-Uterine Device… a kind of birth control) as well as one non-reproductive-related product which was more general in nature.

Plus, I’ve spent the last nearly 20 years in the Supplementation Industry helping ordinary people, maybe like yourself, improve their lives through enhanced, targeted nutritional supplementation and healthy living.