Could This Be You In 2 Years?

In this article I’m reviewing a product called Pregnancy Miracle.  It has been around for a bit over 10 years. And, the thing that makes the product “intriguing” is the number of women that have written testimonials to say that it worked for them.

I’ve written this Pregnancy Miracle Review to answer what I believe are the main questions that many couples who are having trouble conceiving or who want to get pregnant fast about how Pregnancy Miracle can help them. If you need to get pregnant fast or if you have just been told by your infertility specialist that you have no chance or only have a very small chance of ever becoming pregnant, you need to read this entire post!

In this article, I answer what I believe to be the main questions you might have about this product and one or two related questions.

Then, I will talk about what is in the product, why it works and what you get when you buy it.

And, finally, I talk about the cost and the guarantee as well as how you can get more information.

Are You Sure You Can’t Have A Baby?

Have you been told by your infertility specialist that you are hopelessly infertile or that you will probably never be able to get pregnant and give birth to your own baby?

If you answered yes to either of those two questions, then it’s a good thing that you are here.

Because, I’m going to review a product for you that could help you and your partner achieve your dream of giving birth to and raising your own family… Even though your doctor said that it would probably never happen.

But, first, just to make sure that everything is “above board,” I need to tell you that this product will not work for everyone in the world who is having trouble conceiving or who has been diagnosed as being infertile… but…

… For many, many people it will work just great!

I can say that honestly, and with a perfectly clear conscience, based upon the experience of over 136,927 women who have provided written testimonials saying that the Pregnancy Miracle method worked for them.

What If The Doctor Is Wrong?

Just imagine how you and your partner would feel if…
… 10 or 12 months from now you are sending a testimonial like so many thousands of others saying that “it worked for me, too?”
Plus, I’ve read her literature… from cover to cover… so to speak… even though it’s in e-book form.
And, I’m qualified to evaluate a product like hers because of my Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, almost 5 years working for a Pharmaceutical firm which specialized in female reproductive drugs and related issues and later almost 20 years in the supplementation industry helping individuals with “challenges” get the right solution for their situation.
Finally, my wife Helen and I have dealt with the heartache of infertility ourselves.
It took us 5 very long years of trying to finally give birth to our second child. We had a type of infertility known as “secondary infertility.” In Helen’s case it was caused by a very painful case of endometriosis.
And because of that, we have lived through a miscarriage and the attendant feelings of worthlessness as well as the hopelessness that the loss of our baby caused.
How did Helen’s doctor advise us?
Maybe exactly the same way your doctor has advised you… Keep on trying… To tell you the truth, his recommendation didn’t exactly “ring our chimes”
So, I think we understand how you might feel right now!
Because Helen and I recognize how important this may be to you, I’d like to share just how I went about reviewing this product…

How Did I Go About Reviewing Pregnancy Miracle™

The thing that makes this review so special, particularly on today’s internet, is that it really is my own, self-created review.  I absolutely did not copy and modify another reviewer’s article.

While I was given a free copy of the product to review, I have NOT been paid for reviewing this product!!!

Here’s what I did to create this review:

  1. To begin with, I reviewed this product by studying and evaluating the information in my personal copy of the book.
  2. I considered whether or not the bonuses that come with the purchase actually add anything worth having to the product.
  3. Plus, I searched for and found what I believe are honest, sincere testimonials of how this product helped actual customers achieve their heart’s desire by becoming pregnant and giving birth to health, normal babies. And, finally,
  4. I evaluated the the product’s information for scientific and functional accuracy and usability.

This review IS NOT a summary of what I found in other articles on the internet. And, because of that, I believe that you can trust my Review to be accurate, fair and useful to anyone wants the “straight scoop” and not “marketing hype and lies!”


Does Pregnancy Miracle™ Work Only for Women?

yay we are pregnant

Actually, the product deals with problems in the environment that will affect the fertility of both men and women. It also specifically deals with problems that both men and women have in their bodies. Some of the things apply to both. Some of the things apply to women and some of the things apply to just men.

I was, quite frankly, impressed with how comprehensive Lisa’s approach to helping a couple reverse their infertility is. She does this by showing them how to eliminate things from their surroundings that may be interfering with a couples capability to become pregnant. And, she show them how to eliminate toxins and pollutants from their bodies. Lisa also deals the the elimination of bad habits and bad sexual practices that may be keeping a couple from realizing their dream to become pregnant. Plus, she deals with teaching the couple who wants to conceive to provide the right foods and supplements that their bodies need to help them conceive. And, she even deals with the wisdom that is to be found in the ancient medical practices of what is called “Chinese Medicine”, including, if you are so inclined, exercises as well as accupuncture and acupressure

If your body is being blocked from being able to conceive by anything included in the items in this list, there is a very good chance that you will be able to become pregnant quickly and safely within one to three menstrual cycles by doing what Lisa’s teaches about how to get pregnant… in spite of what your conventional medical infertility doctor told you!

God made the human body to be repairable and it frequently will do so quickly once whatever is interfering with it’s correct function is removed, interfering actions and habits are corrected and/or if missing, needed nutrients are supplied. In addition to helping your body deal with infertility, her approach will often help a normally fertile couple become pregnant fast!


Why Does This Product Work So Well?


Pregnancy Miracle with 3 Ultrasound Pictures

Lisa Olson claims that her method can help couples successfully conceive who have failed to do so using modern infertility methods such as fertility drugs and Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART) such as In Vitro Fertilizaton (IVF).

And, I’m confident that the reason that it seems to work so well for so many women is that it uses what is called “Holistic Medicine” which is generally focused on the patient as a whole, rather than just upon a condition or disease as is often the case in a modern, conventional medical approach.

When I started checking out this product to make sure it worked as promised often enough to be a result of the product and not just “blind-luck,” I saw the claim by Lisa Olson that she had testimonials from over 3,700 women who have successfully used her Pregnancy Miracle method to become pregnant in the 10 years or so that her product has been on the market.  That number was recently revised upward to 137,000… WOW!

Initially, Lisa’s claim struck me as at best an exaggeration and it crossed my mind to not create this website let alone do this Review.

But, as I investigated, I began to realize that she was not exaggerating. Because of my biological education and pharmaceutical/supplementation companies work experience, I understood how good her approach actually is from a human biology standpoint.  And, because of that,  I came to the conclusion that her claims were in fact true!

I believe that her product works because of the holistic medical approach that Lisa lays out. Holistic medicine tends to correct things that are wrong with a person’s body as a whole. So when you do what Lisa shows you, you will be removing or correcting things in your body that may be blocking your ability to conceive.  It doesn’t work for everyone that is infertile… But, if the cause of your infertility is something that a holistic approach will help your body correct, you may become pregnant FAST!

And, because of her system, even couples that are not actually diagnosed as infertile but who just want to get pregnant fast can often benefit from her program.


Will This Product Help You Get Pregnant Fast?

The short answer is that “Yes,” I’m totally certain that it will help almost any couple who is biologically able to conceive can become pregnant fast by doing what Lisa Olson recommends in her Pregnancy Miracle guide!

Why do I say that?

There are several reasons, actually. But, let’s focus on just what I think this product will do to help your body get ready for the conception and pregnancy related biological processes.

While the human body is very adaptable, it works best in a “clean” environment. Just like most processes in the real world, your body works best when there is a minimum of interference from things that aren’t a part of the process.

When you begin to do what this book teaches you, it will help you conceive because it shows you how to correct for the effects of many environmental toxins and poisonous pollutants, nutritional deficiencies and other problems.

While each individual issue may not cause infertility, the combination of those issues may have a cumulative effect and reduce a given couple’s level of fertility to the point that it will become hard for them to get pregnant as quickly as they might otherwise be able to do.

I need to point out that based upon my review of this product, both couples who don’t seem to be able to conceive, as well as “normal” couples who just want to get pregnant faster, should find out more about how this method can help you and your partner conceive and carry your baby to term by watching Lisa Olson’s Video Presentation. I think it will work quite well for either group of couples.

I feel this way because 3 of the major factors involved in not being able to become pregnant are improper timing, nutritional deficiencies and/or the presence of toxins and pollutants in your body or environment. These are issues that a couple who wants to become pregnant quickly will also need to address decisively.

I believe that following this program will help your body deal with any or all of those 3 issues, if they are present.

And, according to Lisa Olson’s book, it really doesn’t matter why you have been diagnosed as infertile, barring the few individuals who are irreversibly infertile, there is a very good chance that this product can help you and your partner conceive a healthy, normal child… Fast!


What Will You Find in Her Book?

This product is a downloadable e-book… And includes a total of 5 bonuses.

It is 296 pages long and covers everything that I think you need to know about the method in order to have the highest possibility of conceiving a healthy, normal baby. I found the book to be extremely thorough and didn’t notice anything that I would actually consider “fluff” (i.e. NO Fluff!) in the content.

The book is well organized and the information is presented in basically 5 different but related categories. The information groups that are covered are:

  • Human Fertility Information and related detail. Part of this discussion talks about conventional medicine’s approach to infertility and it gets into why modern medicines solutions are not always the best choice for many individuals.
  • A step-step action plan that explains precisely what you need to do to maximize your chances of conceiving a healthy, normal baby. Her plan addresses things that both partners need to do. Statistics show that approximately 1/3rd of the time, infertility issues are present in the guy. Lisa’s plan deals with mom and dad as well as the environment around them and their personal conception-blocking habits and activities. Lisa does everything that she can to help you begin or continue your own biological family.
  • Also, Lisa Olson has an entire chapter which looks at subjects like age-related infertility, non-specific infertility, medical conditions that can result in infertility and what you can do about many of them to help yourself conceive in spite of the road-block(s). Additionally, Lisa covers a variety of other subjects that are important for so many infertile couples or for couples who want to conceive quickly.
  • And, there are several appendices which get into important option-related topics like IVF (In Vitro Fertilization), yoga, massage and homeopathic help.
  • Finally, Lisa details the exact steps that you will need to take to duplicate her Method… The process which she discovered that she and her husband used to conceive and give birth to 2 healthy, normal babies in her mid-40s… a significant feat; especially since she and her husband had been diagnosed as being victims of “non-specific” infertility by the modern medical establishment. That method, with some refinements and enhancements, will be what you and your partner use to get pregnant and to give birth to healthy, normal biological children.She lays out exactly what you will need to do in what order to maximize your chances of mirroring her success. She put it all down in an easy to understand and easy to follow 5-step plan that will take you and your partner by the hand, so to speak, and lead you down the pathway she has created to “reproductive success.”

Is Pregnancy Miracle Worth the Money?

As I mentioned elsewhere in this article, I own a copy of the current version of Lisa’s e-book. I reviewed the entire book, searched for and found actual testimonials of people who had used the Product (not just marketers who were selling it) and evaluated the bonuses for appropriateness.

Additionally, as I reviewed this book, I evaluated it for the accuracy of the information it contained, determined how easy it would be for the reader to understand the material and how easy it would be to apply the material to the average reader’s situation.

While I only had one customer service interaction, I rated it and explained why I rated it as I did.

And, finally, I considered the pricing of the book and whether I believe it to be appropriately priced.

My overall rating for the product is 4-1/2 stars. You can find out more about why I rated it as I did by clicking this link to read my full rating discussion.


What Will You Get When You Buy This Product and Bonuses?


When you buy this product, you receive your own, personal .PDF copy of Lisa’s tremendously popular book which has helped literally thousands of women who were lost in hopelessness and despair of ever becoming pregnant and giving birth to their own normal and healthy biological child to do just that… They conceived and gave birth to normal, healthy babies… And, they did it Fast and Inexpensively!

But that’s not all you get… The method is not only a comprehensive solution to your need to becoming pregnant fast and inexpensively, it also has what I think is an excellent, appropriate set of 5 bonuses which round out the package. There are 3 other e-books, updates to the Pregnancy Miracle™ e-book for life and free counseling from Lisa Olson herself. Just send her an e-mail with your questions and concerns and she will get back to you within 24 hours.

Plus, it is guaranteed for 60-days to help you to have enough time get pregnant AND to be fully satisfied or you get your money back… You just get your money back and you keep everything except the Updates for Life and the Counseling from Lisa Olson herself.


Is Pregnancy Miracle Guaranteed?


Lisa’s product has a 60-Day, Full Money-Back Guarantee which is administered by ClickBank. Through the years, I’ve personally bought many things through ClickBank and I have a very high standard of expectation that the product I bought will do what I paid for.

When a product I buy doesn’t meet my expectations, I ask for my money back. And, every time that I have done that through ClickBank, I have ALWAYS gotten my money back… no exceptions… And, they generally do it within 2 days.

I personally trust ClickBank to make sure I get my money back when I want it, for any reason, and in a timely fashion.

Plus, ClickBank handles the money. Lisa will never see your money until ClickBank gives it to her… So, you are doubly protected and you have NO RISK!


How To Find Out More…


This guide explains how you both can improve your fertility by making your body “safe” for becoming pregnant. And, it “takes you by the hand” to help you increase your partner’s and your fertility to the maximum level possible… For each of you! The objective is to make conceiving and having a healthy pregnancy one of the most natural things in the world for you to do.

And, that is why so many couples are reporting such dramatic success from all around the world with this product…

… Couples who were written-off as hopelessly infertile and abandoned by the conventional, modern medical community…

… Couples who were condemned by so-called modern medical “Doctors” to live out their lives with no hope of ever having biological children of their own.

Holistic approaches to healing the body from major diseases like infertility are not just “anecdotal evidence” any more.

Rather, there are now thousands of success stories… not just an occasional report of an unexplained success.

But don’t just take my word for it! Just click here to watch Lisa Olson’s video and discover how you can be pregnant within 60 days or you get your money back.

You will be glad you did!

PM Product Book plus Bonuses